Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dell Professional P190S 19-inch LCD Monitor - by Ashley

Walk into any office and you will see the Dell Professional P190S 19-inch LCD Monitor sitting proudly on every desk. Like all other dell flat screen monitors this one is also a high resolution monitor that is excellent for viewing graphics and high quality pictures. Even environment enthusiasts would be interested in this particular Dell LCD monitor since this is low power consumption monitor that has been made keeping in mind the environmental standard. The 19 inch monitor is excellent for everyday use especially in an environment like a professional office. The design of the LCD monitor is such that it has been made to keep up to all of Dell's environmental standards. Some of its environmentally friendly features include the laminates that are halogen free which is embedded on its circuit boards. The chassis as well is made of plastics that are halogen free. On the other hand, dell has also made use of plastic that is recycled which again puts it in the forefront in manufacturing environmentally safe monitors. The exterior chassis is made of these recycled plastics which make up almost 25% of the product. This again is done keeping in mind the environmental impact most monitors have when they are not created with environmentally free products. The monitor is sleek and beautiful and is also made with materials so that you do not consume too much o energy. Dell is an Energy Star complaint partner and therefore has designed the Dell Professional P190S 19-inch LCD Monitor with standards that meet the compliance levels for energy efficiency. The backlight design again has two CCFLS which is cold cathode fluorescent lamps. This model of the Dell LCD monitor is also created in such a way that is consumes almost 26% less power than any other models that are currently in the market today. The EPEAT gold rating is considered to be the highest environment standard rating that can ever be awarded to any computer manufacturer. Dell has managed to create the Dell Professional P190S 19-inch LCD Monitor that is environmentally friendly for which it has won a gold rating at the EPEAT. You can therefore be rest assured that with the Dell LCD monitor you are not harming the environment in any way. The monitor is designed and created in such a way so that it matches everyone's comfort and convenience. You can easily adjust the screen to your height and your line of sight by simply swiveling or using the pivot adjustments or just by tilting it. Along with being adaptable for any kind of workspace the monitor also carries 4 USB 2.0 ports that are of high-speed which makes it easy to connect external peripheral devices to it. With the Dell Professional P190S 19-inch LCD Monitor you are sure to enjoy crisp text and brilliant color images, video etc and unlike any other monitor offer a high color saturation level that you will enjoy.

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Dell Latitude E6500 Laptop - by Ashley

A laptop that is top on the wanted list is the dell latitude E6500. This super sleek and beautiful looking laptop is what most people would definitely want to work on. With excellent features and product reviews the dell latitude E6500 has been selling like hot cakes. This laptop is a long lasting system and is manufactured so that it can survive an entire work day and even more. You can carry it along with you in your meetings, create and show your presentations, and even take it along with you to meet an offsite client. The battery power will surely last through the entire day without it having to beep for a recharge. The laptop is tops in the looks department and its super sleek design is built to kill. The outer laptop is made of magnesium alloy and is made of long lasting paint finishes as well as metal hinges that are robust and will never rust. The keyboards of the system are precision tuned and because of its strong key durability as well as optional backlight you will find working on it very easy. The keys are all soft keys which are designed to give your fingers the utmost comfort when typing on it. This version of the latitude E6500 was created after viewing a lot of feedback from normal customers. The laptop is therefore said to have something of everything that you had ever dreamt off in a laptop. Some of the features of the Latitude E6500 will make you want to own it right now. And with an affordable price for such wonderful features, you can consider it worth every penny spent. The laptop's screen is a15.4 inch LCD screen for better picture quality. It is powered by an Intel Core2 Duo P86-2.4 GHz which moves like lighting speed and makes your experience on the laptop very memorable. You can also enjoy its ample storage space with its 250 GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive. The DVD writer attached to the system will allow you to play as well as write DVD's for your presentations or you could also write in a few of your favourite songs. A few other features that are included in the system is the 802.11 Bluetooth, 2MP Webcam, 3G because of the addition of 3G module, Intel integrated GMA x 4500 and the operating system is Microsoft Vista Business. The laptop comes along with a mouse as well as a Dell carry bag that is made of genuine leather, and the infamous dell logo on it. You can now carry this slender, sleek and monster version of the laptop in a crowded room and are guaranteed to grab attention with its unique beauty. The Dell Latitude E6500 is available in three striking colors i.e. quintessential black, maroon and blue. The system also boosts of excellent security improvements, durability and even performance.

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Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Obsidian Black - by Ashley

an all powerful laptop that is excellent and will give you the best entertainment, emailing and shopping experience. This laptop is an excellent choice especially if you want to use a laptop exclusively for all your entertainment purposes, like watching high resolution and quality videos, animations, playing music etc. The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is more than a companion. This is an extremely portable laptop that has captured them market with its sleek and beautiful looks and beautiful range of colors. Another capability of the system that is responsible for its huge sales figures is its capability in wireless connectivity which makes it a great companion to carry it along to wherever you go. Its excellent entertainment features are again astounding it doesn't matter where all you need to do is turn it on and with its connectivity features you can access email or even play videos and music while you are on the go. If you want to view videos stored on your Dell Inspiron Mini 10 hard drive on a wider screen then you can even connect it to your external TV or larger monitor via the HDMI port. It also supports seamless viewing because of its wide screen surface that is designed keeping in mind the 16:9 ratios. Now websites or even pictures can be viewed on a wider screen which gives you the opportunity to enjoy every detail of it. The 160 GB hard drive storage capacity is excellent for storing all of your personal and professional related files and data. If you are interested in adding a bit of color to your work laptop then you will be happy to find that the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 comes in a range of 7 different colors to choose from. With a large range in colors to meet individual needs you will definitely want this laptop to be by your side all the time. Infact you will find that the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is part of your personality and you can refer it to be an extension of you. The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 allows you to go through a lot of websites easily and endlessly because of its left-right scrolling, which makes it easier for viewers to go through seamlessly non ending pages with ease. Reviews have stated that this is the best laptop they have come across and viewing pictures, videos and even working on it is easy because of its smooth line of sight that makes working on it enjoyable. Its WI-FI connection as well as the Bluetooth compatibility makes it easier for you to connect to your social network wherever and whenever you are on the move. The Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is light in weight which again is excellent and easy to carry around when you are on the move.

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Dell Laptops: - by Ashley

he Dell Laptop E6500 is basically a business laptop that is meant to be used the entire day. The laptop is made of magnesium alloy and is quite durable and is intended to be of heavy use. The finish on the laptop also makes it look quite businesslike. The Dell E6500 looks like it is made for someone who wants to do some serious business. It is classic as well as elegant and has the right professional look that is set for the business scenario. The sharp edges of the laptop make this piece of technology very businesslike however it is very unlikely that you would cut your hand on these edges. The hinges of the laptop are pretty solid and the laptop is sturdy enough to take the weight of your palm very easily. You can continuously keep using the laptop and it will not yield to the strain of continuous use. When compared to a desktop, the biggest advantage that the desktop has is that it can be easily disassembled and the parts can be replaced as per required. However, to do this with a laptop is very difficult. The E6500 model of Dell is just like a desktop. Dell does not hide anything from its customers and helps the customer to understand the laptop by including a service manual that is in great detail and is self explanatory. The color resolution of this laptop is bright and fantastic. The contrast of the colors is perfect for any kind of work. However, you should make sure that you do not turn it to maximum brightness as this will hurt your eyes. The Bluetooth mouse is another very useful feature. It can work without a track pad or a touch point.For the purpose of wireless devices, a hardware switch is also provided. With the help of this you can configure your wifi or Bluetooth or even both. Also there is a button present that will help you catch the wifi signal. This is come in handy to know whether you are in a wifi zone or not. Dell has done a very good job in handling the heat and the workload of the laptop. The laptop has no heating problems even during prolonged use of the laptop. Therefore this model is indeed very friendly to your lap. The E6500 model can also keep this fan off for a prolonged period of time. There are several other additional features that have please the customers, some of them are: 1. Makes no annoying noises unlike some other laptop and is very quite. 2. Brilliant color resolution 3. Sturdy chassis that makes the laptop durable. 4. Offers a display port as well as an Esata port. 5. The audio output quality is amazing. 6. Has a visible camera activation and the camera is of good quality. 7. Feel good touchpad buttons.

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Free internet browsing for pc - only (10) subcribers needed.

Have you been deprived of accessing information on the internet or webpages.
Maybe you have a moderm and can't do with the subscription fee.
You just need freedom to surf the internet.


Yes! This is not a JOKE, it is real.
You can be one among the needed ten(10) subscribers for this package.

Note: this is not Freedom, Pingfu, Proxifier or any other related software you may think of.

You can only qualify to use this package if you meet the following requirements:
1. A laptop computer (if you use a desktop don't bother paying/ordering)
2. A GPRS enable phone (Note: China phones not accepted)
3. USB cable or a Bluetooth.

This offer goes for just a token of N3,000.00

Pay to the following bank details:
Bank: Intercontinental Bank Plc
Acount Name: Nsikak Sunday
Account Number: 0037110000924038

or CALL: 08137787482

After your payment confirmation, you can call the mobile number for verification.
Valid verification prompts 12hrs delivery of the package via email.

If you have any problem odering successfully, Call the above phone number.