Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dell Latitude E6500 Laptop - by Ashley

A laptop that is top on the wanted list is the dell latitude E6500. This super sleek and beautiful looking laptop is what most people would definitely want to work on. With excellent features and product reviews the dell latitude E6500 has been selling like hot cakes. This laptop is a long lasting system and is manufactured so that it can survive an entire work day and even more. You can carry it along with you in your meetings, create and show your presentations, and even take it along with you to meet an offsite client. The battery power will surely last through the entire day without it having to beep for a recharge. The laptop is tops in the looks department and its super sleek design is built to kill. The outer laptop is made of magnesium alloy and is made of long lasting paint finishes as well as metal hinges that are robust and will never rust. The keyboards of the system are precision tuned and because of its strong key durability as well as optional backlight you will find working on it very easy. The keys are all soft keys which are designed to give your fingers the utmost comfort when typing on it. This version of the latitude E6500 was created after viewing a lot of feedback from normal customers. The laptop is therefore said to have something of everything that you had ever dreamt off in a laptop. Some of the features of the Latitude E6500 will make you want to own it right now. And with an affordable price for such wonderful features, you can consider it worth every penny spent. The laptop's screen is a15.4 inch LCD screen for better picture quality. It is powered by an Intel Core2 Duo P86-2.4 GHz which moves like lighting speed and makes your experience on the laptop very memorable. You can also enjoy its ample storage space with its 250 GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive. The DVD writer attached to the system will allow you to play as well as write DVD's for your presentations or you could also write in a few of your favourite songs. A few other features that are included in the system is the 802.11 Bluetooth, 2MP Webcam, 3G because of the addition of 3G module, Intel integrated GMA x 4500 and the operating system is Microsoft Vista Business. The laptop comes along with a mouse as well as a Dell carry bag that is made of genuine leather, and the infamous dell logo on it. You can now carry this slender, sleek and monster version of the laptop in a crowded room and are guaranteed to grab attention with its unique beauty. The Dell Latitude E6500 is available in three striking colors i.e. quintessential black, maroon and blue. The system also boosts of excellent security improvements, durability and even performance.

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