Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dell Professional P190S 19-inch LCD Monitor - by Ashley

Walk into any office and you will see the Dell Professional P190S 19-inch LCD Monitor sitting proudly on every desk. Like all other dell flat screen monitors this one is also a high resolution monitor that is excellent for viewing graphics and high quality pictures. Even environment enthusiasts would be interested in this particular Dell LCD monitor since this is low power consumption monitor that has been made keeping in mind the environmental standard. The 19 inch monitor is excellent for everyday use especially in an environment like a professional office. The design of the LCD monitor is such that it has been made to keep up to all of Dell's environmental standards. Some of its environmentally friendly features include the laminates that are halogen free which is embedded on its circuit boards. The chassis as well is made of plastics that are halogen free. On the other hand, dell has also made use of plastic that is recycled which again puts it in the forefront in manufacturing environmentally safe monitors. The exterior chassis is made of these recycled plastics which make up almost 25% of the product. This again is done keeping in mind the environmental impact most monitors have when they are not created with environmentally free products. The monitor is sleek and beautiful and is also made with materials so that you do not consume too much o energy. Dell is an Energy Star complaint partner and therefore has designed the Dell Professional P190S 19-inch LCD Monitor with standards that meet the compliance levels for energy efficiency. The backlight design again has two CCFLS which is cold cathode fluorescent lamps. This model of the Dell LCD monitor is also created in such a way that is consumes almost 26% less power than any other models that are currently in the market today. The EPEAT gold rating is considered to be the highest environment standard rating that can ever be awarded to any computer manufacturer. Dell has managed to create the Dell Professional P190S 19-inch LCD Monitor that is environmentally friendly for which it has won a gold rating at the EPEAT. You can therefore be rest assured that with the Dell LCD monitor you are not harming the environment in any way. The monitor is designed and created in such a way so that it matches everyone's comfort and convenience. You can easily adjust the screen to your height and your line of sight by simply swiveling or using the pivot adjustments or just by tilting it. Along with being adaptable for any kind of workspace the monitor also carries 4 USB 2.0 ports that are of high-speed which makes it easy to connect external peripheral devices to it. With the Dell Professional P190S 19-inch LCD Monitor you are sure to enjoy crisp text and brilliant color images, video etc and unlike any other monitor offer a high color saturation level that you will enjoy.

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