Thursday, December 24, 2009

Every Student Needs A Netbook - by Andrew Johnson

The netbooks are here and they solve many a dilemma. If you see a one, you will instantly realize its value. It is actually a mini laptop. It has laptop features without the laptop price. This article will help you decide if one is for you.
This mini notebook is very likable. The size is friendly, the price is a warm welcome. This article will help you decide if you should lean towards one.

If you need to carry a laptop quite frequently, this is enough reason right there to grab one. You will think that you have won the lottery after you have seen the modest price tag. This mini notebook is much lighter than a regular notebook. For those of you that have indentations on your shoulder from that laptop strap constantly digging into your blades, you might want to get on over to your favorite electronics store right now.

You do not need to set it down in order to use it. People that do extensive traveling might not want to cart around a cumbersome laptop. By the time you loaded all of the accessories that go with it, you have 30 pounds on your shoulder. Up until now, one had to pay top prices for a light weight laptop. Next time you are at the laptop counter, go ahead and start picking them up.

You will notice that the lighter they are, the more expensive. Compared to the Handheld screen, it looks sexy. By the way, it can fit in one hand.

This little laptop solves all the problems of the handheld. The mini notebook can also be held in one hand and see how much it can do. Forget the old laptop bag that weighs 30 pounds. Forget the prices that always accompany one of the lighter weight laptops. This wonderful miniature laptop looks good any way you look at it.

The portability, the cost and the advantages of this great computer are priceless. Keep in mind that this computer can also serve as a phone. It is simple to plug in a magic jack or packet 8 and instantly make telephone calls. Or, plug in a microphone and connect to people using Skpe. It also fully supports VOIP and webcams as well. Surely the student in your family will appreciate this mini laptop. Especially since that backpack is already full!

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