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Hewlett Packard Battery - Why HP Laptop Batteries Standby Time is Usually Short than Manufacturers Claim? - by

Laptop battery duration is the most important of notebook usage since mobility is the best advantage of laptops. Therefore, laptop batteries standby time is an indicator that cannot be ignored.

Before, HP laptop battery standby time is often complained because it's shorter than the manufacturer claimed. It is because laptop batteries manufacturers would like to make the value more attractive that the notebook power consumption is always reduced when testing. For example, the notebook LCD screen's brightness is lowered, the wireless, BlueTooth, and CD-ROM are disabled and removed, and even the just boot the notebook into operation system without running any other programs to make optimal HP laptop batteries performance. However, users usually use HP laptops in normal power consumption, so the actual HP notebook battery standby time is usually shorter than the manufacturer claims.

So, how to increase HP battery usage time? First, to increase HP battery capacity by the manufacturers, and the second is to reduce the power consumption of the hardware. However, it's impossible to add battery capacity without adding fare to the manufacturers.

In the hardware side, nowadays the circuit of HP laptops is claimed optimized that battery for some HP notebook models can even last for 24 hours. Basically, longer battery life, the better laptop technology. The long battery life helps HP to improve their brand awareness and is often able to attract many customers to buy HP laptop products.

Because of the points mentioned above, in reality, not only HP, almost all the manufacturers used to mislead consumers consumption practices. Because manufacturers customarily used such tactics and many users are fooled unaware of the circumstances. Thus giving rise to the use of laptop battery time and time does not match the nominal become the emergence of a widening trend. is an outstanding destination in online laptop battery field. We focus our minds on supplying high quality discount laptop replacement battery for you to save more money and get more surprise. If you need top quality laptop batteries, welcome to visit

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