Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Get Your Laptop Performance More Faster - by Harun Abdurrazaq

I have bad experience with my laptop since the performance is getting slow as long as my program files and application have been loaded too much in my laptop. I try to tweak the system to boost up my laptop performance with any software. But still not help me too much, until i got new tips and trick from my friend about how to increase your laptop's performance with manual method in Windows XP. There are a couple steps to apply this tips as the following detail:
Go to Control Panel->Display->Themes , on the Theme list, select Windows Classic and click Apply. Still in the Display menu, Go to Desktop tab menu, and select None in the Background option and click Apply and OK. Now still in Control Panel, go to Taskbar and Start Menu->Start Menu select Classic Start Menu and click Apply and OK. Still in Control Panel, go to System->Advanced in the Performance click Setting then select "Adjust for best performance" and click Apply, OK. Done. It's a simple way to get your laptop's performance more faster than before. In the next tips i will post an advance tips about how to increase your laptop's performance part 2. Hope it can help.

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