Saturday, December 26, 2009

My laptop no more response, freeze easily – Fix it Now

I was working on a word document trying to prepare my assignment when the keyboard, mouse, everything fails to respond, I was totally disappointed and unhappy. It therefore means that the laptop computer is on a freeze state.
Freezing is one of the problems laptop users encounter, this problem has a some factors contributing to is cause but this article will not put detailed discussion on the cause of this problem. Solution is to be given full opportunity to rule. For most laptops I have seen, this will happen time to time. The easy method to solve this problem is;

• First, you need to disconnect the laptop power cord.
• Second, remove the battery from the laptop. Wait fro a short while (10 seconds).
• Replace the laptop battery into the unit.
• Turn on the laptop computer.

The laptop computer will return to normal and function properly.
If the laptop computer did freeze as a result of running much programs or performing much task at the same time it is pertinent to use this method as a solution:

• On the keyboard depress the following keys (Ctrl+Alt+Delete).
• A Windows Task Manager dialogue box will appear on your screen
• Click on the Tap “Application” to view the current running application(s)
• Under the application tab, select the programs you wish to end.
• Click on “End Task” to end the programs automatically.

Usually one the common causes of freezing is due to overheating of the laptop computer, this occurs when there is not enough contact between the processor and heat-sink but your laptop computer would have to take a really hard fall for this to occur.