Sunday, December 27, 2009

Repair your broken Laptop power cord - by udtekadapter

Fix your laptop power cord that hasn't been supplying consistent power for the past month, and completely died today. No matter how much you fondle the cord into this position or that , it won't charge your battery or power-up your computer.

Here's the fix that costs zero dollars and only requires patience, some basic tools, electrical tape, and the perseverance that only a true cheapskate can muster. I performed this instructable on my very own HP Pavillion's power cord and adapter(hp Pavilion DV6000 AC Adapter).

step 1、Set up and Evaluation

Tools I used: Chisel, Hacksaw, Electrical tape (or shrink tubing), wire cutters and/or strippers, flat head screwdriver (preferably sharp-ish and wide-ish), optional: two monkey wrenches for prying.Time: It took me about 1 hour, most of which was spent figuring out how to pry open the adapter box...

step 2、Break the Box: Getting into the Adapter

It took many techniques to figure out how to open up the adapter(HP ED494AA 65W AC Adapter) box. The plastic was too weak to crack open w/ just a screwdriver. It just scratched with pressure, while the seam remained firmly bonded. So, I managed to create a deep groove around the entire seam w/ a chisel. The groove helpe...

step 3、HP ac adapter insides

This is the precious inside. Top view and bottom view. I pretty much didn't open up any further than this and I tried to avoid any damage to any parts inside.

step 4、Fixing the cord

The cord was coiled up slightly inside the box. I pulled it out all the way. Cut the cord at the end of the rubber spring thing (aka "strain relief") where the cord was breaking. Then I tried stripping off the "strain relief" w/ pliers... that didn't work, so I used a razor blade and slit one s...

step 5、Close up shop, may add reenforcements

Finally, I got to shut-er up. Unfortunately, I didn't have the benefit of an adapter box that locked shut or was fused or glued shut, so I got clever with some duck tape and Black e-tape for finishing. Some commenters have innovated and closed up the adapter box w/ a glue-gun. I'm sure a glue-gun...

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