Sunday, December 27, 2009

Intel Atom N450 vs N270 & N280-Based Netbooks - by ComputerMonger

Intel has unveiled recently its new Atom N450-based netbook platform, which includes a new and innovative processor microarchitecture.
Unlike the previous generation of Atom N270/N280-powered netbooks, the new mini-laptops with the N450 processor will provide a longer battery life, as well as reductions in pricing and overall netbook size.

Here's how. The current netbooks, and most of them are based on Intel's technology, have a separate main processor, a separate graphics chip, and separate controller chips managing RAM, hard drive and other components. On the other side, the new Atom platform packs the processor, the graphics chip, and the memory controller on a single die. Therefore, the N450-powered netbooks are able to provide lower price tags, a reduced power consumption to provide an estimated 20% longer battery life, and possibly smaller netbook cases since the motherboard is smaller for around 60 percent.

Another difference is operating system. The new netbooks will mostly ship with Windows 7 OS, whereas the older ones run Windows XP.

Other features of the next-generation netbooks are basically the same as in those released one or two years ago. Their screens will be small (up to 10.2-inches) and will be sold with up to 1GB of RAM, and up to 250GB of hard drive capacity. Consumers can also expect 3-, 6-, and rarely 9-cell batteries, web cameras, around three USB ports, VGA outputs, HDMI outputs and HD video capability in select models, memory card readers and others.

The new Atom N450 netbooks are expected to hit the market in January 2010.

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