Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gaming Laptop - 3 Tips on How to Buy One - by Ignatius Gabriel

No more do you see nowadays gamers carrying their heavy computers to attend a LAN party. The fact is modern day gaming laptops are lighter, been made more portable and carrying them is an easier task. Lighter is good as while saving your back, they look cool at the same time too.
Today faster hardware has allowed these mobile powerhouses to rival the PC desktop in terms of performance. Since most new titles are now taking advantage of the latest graphic platform, a top-end video card or processor is a common feature that gamers can't live without in a high performance laptop.

Gamers also want a hot looking system with all the bells and whistles that money can buy. From flashing LED lights to bright and hot paint jobs, there's a variety of choices available in the market today but before rushing out to buy one, below are some points to take note off.

The first important component is the graphics. For a laptop to be able to play today high end games the first thing is you must have a dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and not those with inter graded graphics like Intel GMA950, X3100, 4500MHD. These are out unless you are happy to play a friendly match of Tetris.

Second next is the CPU Processors - Go for the best of Intel Core 2 Duo or AMDs dual-core Turion. Now for processors there are the mobile versions or PC based. Mobile version uses less power so they go easy on battery life. However PC based are more power hungry.

The third is RAM Memory. In this area do not be stingy here, go for the maximum that your budget allows. Lots of RAM helps the laptops to run the game smoother. In fact adding RAM is one low cost method of upgrading you laptop performance.

Well there you have it, three important tips for anyone who which to purchase a gaming laptop. Again the key areas are a high performance graphic card, a good CPU processor and lots of RAM.

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