Sunday, December 27, 2009

Know the Features of Latest Power Tool Batteries - by Stone wang

The best distributors of Power tool batteries and accessories now brings in wide range of cordless power tool batteries due to growing demand of cordless power tools in the market. Cordless power tool batteries come in different brands such as Makita batteries, Bosch batteries, Dewalt batteries, Hitachi batteries, Black and Decker batteries, Panasonic batteries and few others all are just effective and long lasting. The manufacturers develop power tools with specific designs thus the batteries also have to be designed specifically resulting in different batteries for different power tools. The latest Lithium Ion power tool battery, which has been introduced in the market, makes power tool batteries more efficient and effective. The latest invention of cordless power tools has made our day-to-day task much easier. Hitachi tools and other such brands have a specific batteries designed for their different tools. Thus, certain brands have their own specially designed batteries. Take for example; a specific power tool of Makita of 20v will use 9.6v battery whereas it differs in other brands. Different battery brands have their own wide range of batteries. One more feature of these brands is that the batteries of these brands cannot be interchanged. However, recently the brand owners have taken initiative to develop such power tool batteries that can be interchanged within the brands. This can help consumers to purchase a set of good tools and can use rechargeable and interchangeable batteries. The cordless power tools and power tool batteries have been upgraded and the design has been improved greatly. It has been noticed that high voltage batteries make cordless power tools more powerful and weightless thus making them more efficient. This superior quality makes power tools user friendly, economic and easier to do any task. Recently invented most of the tools use Nickel-Cadmium batteries that possess niche market in the field of cordless and wireless tools. These batteries are rechargeable and long lasting. Various brands have released these batteries in the market to cater the needs of power tool batteries. These batteries have ten times longer life than usual batteries. These batteries are also able to charge up to 90 per cent just within 5 minutes. Apart from this Lithium Ion batteries which are used in power tools are also in demand behind laptop and cell phone batteries. The release of new batteries is very much useful to the users. Cordless power tools have transformed the way many people work and use power tools. Batteries of high voltage are much better and last longer. When the buyers pay for their power tool batteries, they want the best output. The invention of the new batteries of Lithium Ion surely enhances the usage of cordless power tools.

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