Thursday, December 24, 2009

How to change a LP154WX4 Laptop LCD screen - by Nell choung

Here is a quick and easy directions to install or replace a broken LP154WX4 Laptop LCD screen at home.
1. Required tools Small phillips, Small Flat screwdriver, Steady fingers

2. Pre-Installation Unplug your laptop battery. Ground yourself. Grounding yourself removes all static electricity from your body. Static electricity can damage your laptop. Frequently ground yourself periodically throughout the process, especially if you are working on carpet.

3. Bezel screw removal process A plastic bezel enclosure is currently securing your LP154WX4 in place. First, you need to find the small rubber/plastic pads or sometimes stickers which are covering the screws. There are usually four of these small covers, often measuring no more than 1cm. Once you have identified the covers, remove them. Set these aside for reinstallation.

4. Unplug the inverter and the LP154WX4 The inverter looks like a green computer chip. Identify the wires that are attached from the inverter to the LP154WX4 Laptop LCD screen. Once you have found the inverter and where the plug is, carefully remove the plug.

5. Remove the flex video cable attached to the motherboard There usually is tape holding it in place. Remove tape for later use. Carefully unplug the flex cable by applying equal amounts of pressure to both ends of the connecting plug. Gradually alternating pressure from one end to the other is a good technique. Be careful not to bend or damage the pins or the plug.

6. Remove the screen There should be nothing left attaching the screen to your laptop. Remove the LP154WX4. Set the LP154WX4 Laptop LCD screen aside.

The last step, install your new LP154WX4

To install your new laptop lcd panel, take the LP154WX4 Laptop LCD screen you received from and perform the previous steps in reverse order.

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Here is a quick and easy directions to install or replace a broken Laptop LCD screen at home.