Thursday, December 24, 2009

Laps on top - by Allan

Today due to computer and internet revolutions the entire world is almost like a global village. Many daily life things are on finger tips now. The cell phone, ATM, Swap machines and many more things whose backbone is a computer and internet. The mobile version of computer is laptop, which is becoming very essential in our regular life. Many of us get confused while buying a laptop. Forget about the brand first let know yourself your requirements before buying a laptop. Means the purpose of buying, what applications/softwares you will require? etc. The most important thing is your budget. Knowing these things will make you comfortable while buying.

While selecting a laptop brand there are few things of which you should take care of. First select the laptop which meets your requirements then look for brand. After brand selection check the warranty terms and conditions. Then check the service station locations. It is good have a laptop whose service center is in your city or near to your location. Because many companies provide on-site warranty but sometime it may require getting to the service center. If you are doubtful about the dealer/seller then you can get the dealers list from the brand’s website. Some companies are giving purchase rates on their websites. Also you can find the offers given by the laptop company at their website. You can bargain while purchasing because the dealers margin is included in the purchase amount. Don’t forget to have the purchase bill; it will help you with warranty issues.

Dell, Lenovo, Asus, Sony are the few known laptop manufacturers. All these companies produce best laptops in the world. Every company has their own comparison chart showing that their laptop is the best. Almost everyday every company launches a new laptop. It is wise to choose the laptop which meets your requirements and mainly the budget.

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