Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What is a reconditioned laptop?Why chose A Re - by Tony Smith

There are tons of misconceptions to do with refurbished and reconditioned laptops. the aim of this article will lay some of these to rest.
Firstly, it should be made clear that reconditioned laptops are never pre-owned. If they ARE then they should be labelled clearly as such by the vendor.

Secondly, let's admit that there are a few different definitions of refurbished, but they all essentially mean the same thing: "made to be as good as if it were new".

When stock comes in to be refurbished, each notebook is unpackaged and diagnosed to see if anything needs to be done to it to make it 'as good as new'. This might be replacing a keyboard or anything else.

All replacement parts are of the highest quality to guarantee customer satisfaction. Refurb stock sometimes comes direct from the manufacturer to the consumer as refurbished, or sometimes to a company specialising in refurbishment if the manufacturer does not refurb in-house. The refurbishment company then supplies the item to the consumer.

There are pros and cons to buying refurbished computers: PRO * Cheaper Prices * Speed - items often sold from stock rather than made-to-order * Support - refurbishment companies are often easier to contact and speak to a real person or even visit than the larger manufacturers. * Often refurbished items are upgraded to a higher specification than the original item, such as more memory/ram or a larger hard drive. * Items come with warranty offered by refurbisher. CONS * People sometimes worry that refurbs are inferior.

In summary; you have nothing to fear in buying refurb laptops, except there may be occasional blemishes, marks or scratches on the item. The Seller should state this in their description.

It is worth making clear, however, that many refurbished items are absolutely cosmetically fine, as the reason it was rejected in the first place may have been a hardware issue.

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